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Anonymous asked: hey admins i'm looking for a fanfic which was on aff i guess. luhan was at sm and he got in heat and they guys sent sehun over to him with an mask?? i can't really remember more and i can't find it :(

Hi~ it’s The World Changes

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous asked: What's selubration day?

Selu (Hunhan) and celebration mixed together. It’s “Hunhan week” since this is the week between sehun and luhan’s birth dates. I believe that’s what the saying means.

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous asked: i want to post something for the anon just now but i dont have any block or tumlr. i just..wrote it... in your submit?? can i?

We do prefer if you guys submit a fic from some platform like ao3, livejournal, tumblr, or AFF. Or even link us a PDF file. It just makes things more convenient. Also, since you’re already viewing our tumblr, you should make one as well! :D (unless you’re under 13 since that’s the rules. Tumblr takes it pretty freaking seriously)

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forever is a promise

izyan, malaysia. forever is a promise, pg13, fluff.

this is my first writing. so forgive me for any mistake. i just want to write. and i don’t know how. sorry.

just a replied for your anon just now. 

Cold breeze air brushed against Sehun’s face. he walks slowly through the dark alley. Slowly, he turned around a little to see Luhan who he’d piggback since they finished their training. They decided to spend time for a while before their comeback and fortunately suho understand. However Luhan was too quiet tonight.. This is unusual. Luhan he knows is bubbly and cheerful. Eventhough they was too tired from the practice, Luhan will always smile. 

Sehun feels warm breathe against his neck. He squeezed Luhan’s thigh around his hips. 

'Lu?' Sehun speak quietly.

'Hmmm?' Luhan shift a little behind Sehun's back.

'What are you thinking?' Luhan stay quiet.

'Us.' Luhan voice come out slowly. Sehun hold tighter Luhan's thigh.

'Why baby? Talk to me.' Sehun know Luhan is hiding something from him. He tried to peek Luhan at the back  but Luhan hide his face behind Sehun neck. 

'Lu?' Sehun asked again. He wanted to stop walking but he's afraid Luhan won't talk. Should he-

'Do you love me sehun-ah?' Luhan opened his mouth again. This time Sehun really stop walking. Luhan hold around Sehun's neck a little tighter.

'Of course I love you baby. Why are you asking me this question? You do know how much I love you right?' Softly Sehun answered back. he turned his head a little and saw Luhan's fluffy hair. sehun chuckle a little. He's like a clingly koala sehun think.

' I love you sehun-ah. So much.' Luhan spoke suddenly.

'I don't know how much can I love you more than this but I really love you.” Luhan's voice become thicker and he chocked at his own word. He didn't know why he feels like this. he felt insecure suddenly. He knows how much Sehun care for him, how much Sehun loves hum, how much Sehun adore him. But there's a tiny little feeling inside him that afraid of the future. Will Sehun leave him or get bored of him? Luhan didn't even notice tears stream down his face. sehun knows. he slowly put Luhan down on his own feet against Luhan's willing. He turn around and faced Luhan. Luhan just stood there and faced down. Sehun cupped his face and wipe his tears.

'Lu please don't cry.' sehun kissed his drench cheeks. His chest become tight to see insecure Luhan. He look straight into Luhan's eyes.

'Your love already filled my heart baby. Its full with your love already. You already gave your heart to me. Its more than enough, Lu.' Slowly sehun is gifted with Luhan's sparkling eyes and shy smile. Speacial smile only for sehun.

'Just remember I am yours and you are mine, okay?' sehun speak again. Luhan just nodded. he suddenly feels stupid for asking the question. and suddenly sehun wrap Luhan in his arms. 

'Come here. Give me a kiss and I'll carry you back home.' sehun whispered at Luhan's ear. Luhan giggles and look up at Sehun.

'Here.' A simple kiss at the lips and Sehun lift luhan from the ground. he hold Luhan securely and Luhan placed his arms around sehun's neck. He placed his head at Sehun's chest and closed his eyes. His hand fist Sehun's shirt.  Sehun smile a little and kiss his boyfie left cheek. He pats Luhan's butt a little and started walking.

Admin Notes: Thanks so much to izyan for writing this fic in response to this ask!

Title: Perfect

Author: mushroom_key

Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff

Rating: G

When will I ever be perfect for you?

(This was written as a reply to this ask, Thanks so much!)

Admin Notes: Thanks to ohluhanimnida for the submission!

Anonymous asked: hello! do you remember the chaptered fic where luhan knows if a person is dying, and later on sehun and luhan dies and luhan's heart was passed on to yixing? i wanted to recommend it to my sister. thank you very much! here's to hoping for overdose era hunhan moments! :D

Hi, I believe you’re looking for When the Hour Hand is Up

- Admin Nessa

Title: A Tightrope of Red String

Author: Anonymous until reveals (selubration community event, author will be revealed on April 27th)

Genre: Romance, character death (as part of reincarnation)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Reincarnation AU; Sehun comes alive and chases after Luhan through infinite time and infinite worlds.

Title: Ubiquity

Author: Anonymous until reveals (selubration community event, author will be revealed on April 27th)

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Lu Han ends up spending his summer helping out at his aunt’s bed and breakfast and encounters Sehun, the ice cream boy who is absolutely everywhere. 

Title: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Author: Anonymous until reveals (selubration community event, author will be revealed on April 27th) 

Genre: Romance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sehun’s an unconventional ulzzang and Luhan’s a famous idol. They meet thanks to weibo.

Anonymous asked: do you know any fics where one of them gets caught jacking off/fingering themselves?

This chapter of Bon Voyage is the one that just jumped to my mind and I don’t believe it’s been on here as a finger/touching rec before. You don’t really have to read the whole story if you just want some PWP. Background on the story is luhan is Kai (who is a magician)’s assistant and they’re on a gay cruise ship. Sehun is a guest on vacation with his BFF chanyeol.

- Admin Nessa