The Beauty of Love

"I didn't know what true friendship was until I met Luhan."


"He's a cute little brother so I always have the urge to take care of him."


"Yes, I love him. I will always love you, hyung."


Anonymous sent
im so sad that people forget about sugar we're goin down swingin' bc it was one of the best during teaser/mama era :((

That fic brings back so many memories for me! Young Admin Nessa laying in bed and squealing over the absolute blissful fluff back then. Waiting for Exo to come back, and basically, things were simpler. (lol guys I’m just being nostalgic about the fic, but sadly the author doesn’t have it up anymore so I can’t even link if I wanted to)

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous sent
Hi, i've read a fic about Kingka and Nerd. What is a Kingka? Is it the same concept with Omega Alpha? Thank you.

Hi~ a kingka is not really what I would say is a synonym to Alpha but I do see how you would draw that conclusion. Kingka is basically that popular guy in school that everyone likes/envies/wants to be with/ 360 angle of perfection lol

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous sent
The plot of the story I just can't seem to remember is: Luhan watches a video from back in the day when he and Sehun were kissing at a party and it was somehow posted on the internet. Luhan decides to call Sehun back up and they meet eachother and they reconnect but then he has to leave again so they film another video for Luhan to watch in the future so they can truly be together. Do you know it? :) Also you're friends with Rilukuma on AFF? I love that author! Omg the story Remember Me is great

That is most likely You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me by airyvox (:

And yes, I know Rilukuma. I was a fan of hers then I got so shocked when I found out she reads my story and we became friends ^^ but I’m seriously not being biased to her whenever I rec Remember Me or Ril-Lu-Kuma since those are one of my top faves.

- Admin Nessa

exo-crown sent
To the anon who asked about Revolution: as the admin said, it's a bittersweet ending, but as a Hunhan shipper, you can't miss this fic. It beautiful written and the story line is amazing and well considered. Oh and I can suggest "Bon Voyage" which is written by the same author (purpleheart). Bon Voyage is more fluff and also a really nice Hunhan story :)

Yaaaaasss! Read it :D read it all!

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous sent
Okay so this may sound weird. But Ive heard some awesome things about Revolution! I want to give it a go but I don't do sad endings. So I was wondering if you could maybe maybe give an overview of it? I don't mind spoilers While reading if I'm totally engrossed I won't even recall them. But honestly I'll still read it I just like to be emotionally prepared you know? ANYWAY!! Thank you Admins!!! Your all a dream!! Lol enjoy your day( Or evening)

Hello! Revolution is a really great fic and I think you should read it :D as for overview, EXO have their mama!au powers, there are smut scenes, it’s hunhan, a tiny bit of kailu if I’m not mistaken, some refusal of love between hunhan, action scenes, revolution/coup d’état kind of thing, and the endgame is hunhan but they’re not physically together (you’ll get what I mean if you read it). I don’t think it was that sad but it’s a bittersweet ending but the whole adventure leading up to that point was really good! It’s one of the hunhan story classics in my opinion so you’ll probably hear about it later down the road so if you want to know what they’re talking about you can read it to find out~

- Admin Nessa

Anonymous sent
Hello I'm looking for that one hot ass smut where Luhan is 16 and likes being f***ed so he has some boys over at night and his mom asks Sehun to be a babysitter for the night. Luhan then tries to get sehun to do him but sehun says no

Hi! I believe that is Two Can Play At This but the author has removed it off aff.

- Admin Nessa

NEW AFFILIATE: exo-rated-fics

Hunhanfics has a new affiliate~ please check out exo-rated-fics

They are a rec blog for only rated exo fics. All pairings welcome! Please feel free to submit a great fic or to apply as co-admin to them! Questions/ requests are more than welcome.

Title: 我让你走了。

Author: sehunly

Genre: Angst, romance, cheating, college!AU

Rating: PG-15

In which Lu Han tries and tries to hold on to Sehun in their broken relationship.

Admin notes: Thanks to anonymous for the submission!

Title: Lithium

Author: selubration (anonymous until reveal)

Genre: AU, Angst, Romance, Smut

Rating: R

Sehun finds meaning in the life of a golden-haired man who has suddenly asked him to visit the amusement park on their first meeting.

Warning: character death

Title: Under The Weight of Living

Author: selubration (anonymous until reveal)

Genre: AU, Romance, 

Rating: PG-13

Sehun makes a deal with the devil to save his soul. There’s nothing written in the contract about his heart. Loosely based off Black Butler.

Warnings: minor violence, minor character death, mentions of Kai/D.O.