Title: Way Back Into Love

Author: redbetelgeuse

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rating: nc17

Summary: In which Luhan found his first love knocking on his front door steps willing to be his tenant with his four year old baby on his house.

Admin’s Note: Thanks to starclusterdiary for the submission!


Sep 2014
Admin Nessa, do you like Fenrir a lot? Because when ever someone asks a question about it you always seem so excited! I LOVE IT TOOOOOO!

That story is the one that currently gives me a life purpose LOL

- Admin Nessa


Sep 2014
hello! thanks for doing everything on this blog admins. i couldn't find this one really good fic involving hunhan and side kailu. it's about sehun who travels time or just snaps back into the past???to mend his relationship with luhan but fails each time. each of them gets involved in a car crash at least once and dies. in one scenario sehun realized kai likes luhan so lets them be together for luhan's happiness?

Hi! hmm are you looking for butterfly effect? :D

- Admin Bernice


Sep 2014
Hello! I've been reading ur tumblr for sometimes and most of the fanfics here are so good!!!! OMG I feel like I'm addicted to this page HAHA HUNHAN all the way! anw, I was wondering whether you've read this fic about hunhan being both omega? and then when luhan saw sehun, he suddenly felt sth and mark him? then he found out that he's actually an alpha not omega or sth? my friend old me abt it but i couldn't find TT.. thanks for reading this anw :D

hey!! thank you so much for loving our blog ^-^, the fic you’re looking for is fenrir, happy reading!

-Admin Tina 

Title: Of Thorns and Antiques

Author: memefucker69

Genre: Fantasy, Fluff, Romance

Rating: PG-15 

In which Sehun, a faerie, meets a human who’s far more suited for the title.

- Admin’s Note: Thanks to sehunmp3 for the submission!

Title: Take me into your arms

Author: sequestrated

Genre: fluff, romance

Rating: G

Summary: Lu Han just really missed Sehun.

- Admin’s Note: Thanks to anon for the submission!

Title: Knife’s Point of View

Author: exoticroyalty

Genre: Angst

Rating: PG 

Warning: self harm

Sehun is a lifeless knife. But he can see everything. Luhan on the other hand, is not aware of it- of course.Because Luhan’s focus is about how he can use Sehun,not about how to know him.

- Admin’s Note: Thanks to anon for the submission!

Title: Riding High

Author: 1AM_Giggles

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Smut

Rating: M

College crack. 

- Admin Note: Thanks to anon for the submission!


Aug 2014
hello ^^ is there any fanfiction where luhan is sold to sehun at an auction? thank you!!

Hi, baby, you’re a wildfire is one (:

- Admin Nessa


Aug 2014
Hi! Do u know this fic where Luhan thought he was an omega but is actually an alpha and he claimed Sehun as his mate?

Fenrir by weaving-truths on asianfanfics!!!!!! :DDDD

- Admin Nessa

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